Changing to Cruelty Free Beauty – Why and How?

Changing to Cruelty Free Beauty – Why and How?

Cruelty Free beauty is something I’ve had an interest in for a while now. Although I really wanted to make the move, I wasn’t really sure how to go about it. In this post I’ll talk you through why I chose to go cruelty free and how you can effectively make the move yourself, in the most cost effective way possible.

In going cruelty free, I’m going to be featuring CF brands and products only on this blog. This includes all sponsored content I may do in the future. Luckily enough, all of the previous product ads on this blog have been cruelty free.

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So why am I making the transition to CF?

The interest was mainly sparked through following beauty bloggers and influencers who were already cruelty free. The real sstandoit influence for me was Georgie Aldous. [Georgie’s currently campaigning for more male recognition in cosmetic campaigns. Click here to sign the online petition!] I found that I agreed with a lot of the things these people were saying against animal testing. In my mind, if I was going to show support for this movement, I should think about becoming a part of it.

In the modern age, with all of our technological advancements and alternatives to things like animal testing – it’s beyond me that some brands are still doing it. When it comes to things like medical testing and pharmaceutical trials, I can understand why animals are still used. But there are so many alternative options in cosmetic testing that it’s just unnecessary.

I knew that CF beauty products aren’t as hard to come by as they used to be. Several options are available on the highstreet when it comes to makeup and skincare. The only problem I had was where to start with purchasing. There were so many things I needed but couldn’t afford to buy them all in bulk.

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How to keep it cost effective

Although a majority of my products at the moment are cruelty free, there are a few bits here and there that I still need to swap out. I decided to start small and pick up the items I would need the most. For example, when it came to skincare I purchased a daily face wash and a toner because those are the two items I use the most of.

Tempting as it was to simply throw away all of my unused non CF items, I knew I didn’t have the money to replace it all. Instead, I’ve been working my way through old products that are non CF and finishing them before buying new items. Not only does this produce less waste, but it helps you manage your spending over time too.

Just like all beauty products, there are high end and high street options. Nobody’s to say whether more expensive items are better quality or perform better. Sometimes cheaper items are the way forward. There’s a wide variety of high end cruelty free makeup and skincare available, but it’s not always realistic to think that you’re going to be able to buy everything you need from a more expensive retailer.

Several highstreet brands are cruelty free and affordable, you just need to do your research.

My favourites go-to brands are ELF, Barry M, and the Superdrug own brand range. All three are priced reasonably and sell everything you’d ever need for your makeup or skincare collection.

I’ve still got a long way to go in my cruelty free transition, but I’m getting there slowly! A couple of weeks back on Twitter I asked fellow bloggers to suggest makeup and skincare brands that are cruelty free and loads of you lovely people got back to me. If you have any more suggestions then leave a comment below because I’m trying to put together a list of high and low end cruelty free brands.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you want to see more like it then just click here.

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