Small Business of the Month: Moonlight Melts | ad

Small Business of the Month: Moonlight Melts | ad

I’ve always been a small business supporter. My Dad runs his own business, and I know he had to start from nothing. Without the support of his peers and kind strangers, he wouldn’t have been able to make it happen. That’s why I always do my best to buy from small businesses and traders. Because of this, I’ve decided to start featuring a “Small Business of the Month”.

*I was sent the following samples free of charge in exchange for an honest review*.

Who are Moonlight Melts? Find out below.

Moonlight Melts About Pack

I was lucky enough to be sent three sample wax melts from Moonlight Melts. The scents I received were chosen at random and include “Cassis and Black Vanilla”, “Jasmine and White Tea”, and Aromatherapy Relax”. Cassis and Black Vanilla contains bergamot, cassis, and black vanilla. It has a beautiful floral aroma and it’s definitely my favourite scent out of the three. Jasmine and White Tea has more sweet connotations and an underlying scent of amber. Lastly, Aromatherapy Relax is a musky lavender scent, which I feel would be perfect for those who struggle to sleep.

The first melt I decided to try out was Cassis and Black Vanilla, as I’m really into floral scents. The inspiration behind this scent was the Armani Si fragrance. This is actually a new fragrance to the Moonlight Melts shop and is available for £1.85 per pack (each pack contains 4 wax melts).

Wax Melt Packs x3

Wax melts pack

Cassis and Black Vanilla

Melting wax melt

Wax melts

Moonlight melt sticker

Just lighting up this wax burner gave me all of the Autumnal vibes! In our house, we always like to have a candle or wax melt going to keep a lovely aroma circulating. With the wax burner going once again, it’s starting to feel a lot cozier already!

Pretty as they are, wax melts can be dangerous if used incorrectly. I’ve listed a few of the safety guidelines for these wax melts below.

– Only use one tea light in your burner at a time

– Ensure your burner is on a level surface

– Do not place near flammable objects i.e. curtains or other fabrics

– Don’t move your burner when wax is melted

– Keep all flames away from other heat sources and air currents

The other two melts I received (but haven’t tried out yet) were Jasmine and White Tea and Aromatherapy Relax. On the Moonlight Melts shop, the Jasmine and White Tea are priced at £1.30 or £1.90 a pack – depending on what size pack you choose. The Aromatherapy Relax are £1.80 per pack. The products are an amazing quality and are definitely well priced considering they’re all handmade.

Wax Melt Packs

I can’t wait to try out the other two melts in my little sample pack!

On average, each wax melt lasts for 5-8 hours. This time can vary depending on what kind of wax burner you’re using to melt them. Mine has lasted well so far, the tea light I was using to burn them ran out quicker than the melt with my Cassis and Black Vanilla!

There’s currently a 30% off sale on the Moonlight Melts store on selected products. This offer is to celebrate their first full year of trading. Use the code BDAYMOON for the 30% off discount! To shop their products, click here.

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Moonlight Melts Pin

2 thoughts on “Small Business of the Month: Moonlight Melts | ad”

  • These sound and look lovely! I’m a total wax melt addict so I always am stocked up. I will definitely check out Moonlight Melts when I start to run low! 🙂 x

    • They’re the nicest melts I’ve used! They last so long too. I’m glad you’re thinking of checking them out – let me know what you think!
      – El x

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