How I Regained My Blogging Buzz

How I Regained My Blogging Buzz

While I love blogging and a majority of the community it comes with, there are things which annoy the hell out of me. It’s only normal, right? We all get annoyed by different things in life, and blogging pet peeves are made VERY apparent online. Over time, these annoyances built up and I kind of fell out of love with it all. I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I once had, and it all seemed very stale. This reflected in (what little) blog content I was producing, and also on my social media outlets. It was evident that there wasn’t any passion or drive behind it, I was pretty much just going through the motions.

I know that there are loads of people who felt the same. Who felt like they weren’t having as much fun as they once had through creating their own content. Since I lost my excitement for it all, I took a major backseat. Over time the energy came back and I felt ready to create new content once again. My head was bursting with ideas just like it used to be.
So what exactly made me lose interest in blogging?

The “you can’t sit with us” attitude

I feel like this is more common amongst the slightly more succesful bloggers in the community, but you can find it everywhere. Social media cliques definitely have a big part to play in this, and it’s sad to see. Groups of bloggers who put people down and purposely try to make them feel isolated. We all started somewhere, without fancy blog designs and expensive camera equipment. You don’t walk into this community having opportunities thrown at you – you have to go through those first awkward “what am I doing” stages. In this community, nobody’s better than anybody else; regardless of how big your following is or who you’re collaborating with next.

General bitterness

This one comes into play more with sponsored work. A lot of bloggers have come under attack for working with “too many” brands and they’ve been accused of turning their blog into a total advertisement. But isn’t that what blogging is anyway? The majority of posts I read promote a product or two, even if it’s organic sharing. Personally, I’ll only write posts about things I think are relevant to my blog content. But if someone else wants to do differently, who am I to judge?

Copycat content

This may unsettle a couple of people, but I’m included in this one. With the amount of people in the blogging and vlogging community, there’s going to be similarities. It’s inevitable! For me, it was the annoyance of seeing 20 almost identical posts about one lipstick. I know it’s stiff competition, and when your post is 1 in 20 – what chance do I really have? What’s to say people will like my post better than the next persons? I wanted to branch out a little more.

These three things combined made me a little tired of the whole blogging gig. It started to feel less like something I enjoyed and more like something I had to do. That’s not what I wanted to happen when I first started.

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Here are some important tips to help you get your buzz back.

Taking the pressure off

I found that the less I was posting, the more stressed I was feeling. No content was getting produced and it just made me grumpy all the time. If you’re really serious about getting your mojo back, you need to take some time off. Relax, and try not to stress over it. It isn’t the end of the world, and you might even get some new ideas unexpectedly. If you’re finding it hard to take your mind off things, throw yourself into a long awaited project. Be it a book, painting, or a DIY craft project.

Write for yourself

Coming up with new content ideas consistently can take it’s toll on a person. It makes you paranoid about what people want to read, will they like it or will they hate it etc etc. Go back to basics and rethink the kind of content you originally wanted to create. Don’t write to please other people. Write for yourself and other people will come because they’ll know it’s authentic. It speaks volumes when someone is trying to be something they’re not.

Don’t compare

Comparing yourself to other bloggers isn’t going to help you. It’ll get you down and make you feel disheartened about the work you’re putting in. Not everybody is at the same place in their journey, and that’s okay. We all start somewhere, and progression takes time. To compare myself to someone who’s been blogging for years would be useless. That person has had years to perfect their content and fine tune their brand. It’s obvious that I couldn’t match up just yet.

Get Inspired

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. Get out and about, live life and the ideas will come to you. Read blogs, watch Youtube videos, go see a film, go for a walk. Doing anything can get your brain working and ideas will come flowing eventually. Write down any ideas that come to mind and brainstorm. Big ideas can come from the smallest of prompts.

Hopefully this post was useful to some of you who might be struggling to get excited about blogging again. It happens to the best of us at one point or another, the difference is how you deal with it. Just remember that passion isn’t something you can force; people always know when someone’s faking it!

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