DIY 2 Ingredient Body Scrub

DIY 2 Ingredient Body Scrub

When it comes to homemade skincare, I’ll always give it a try at least once. A couple of months back, I found you can make your own body scrub using items found around the kitchen cupboards. As a skincare junkie, I love a good cost-effective DIY. This is a post I’ve written once before, but took it down as it was a little on the short side. I’ve decided to revisit it and make a few changes so that I could re-upload it once again. Given that this is Black Coffee Breakfast, what better way to live up to my name than a coffee scrub DIY?

For this DIY, you won’t need to take a big shopping list for the ingredients. You’ll just have to remember to pick up two everyday household items; instant coffee, and coconut oil.
Coffee actually has amazing benefits for your skin, which make it the ideal ingredient for an exfoliator. Coconut oil is hydrating for the skin, and also provides the skin with an antibacterial shield.

What to do

– Add a small amount of instant coffee to coconut oil and mix well.

– Use as an exfoliator in the shower and finish with a moisturiser afterwards

That’s it! So easy that a toddler could pull it off. I don’t usually measure the amount of coffee or oil I put in, but I always try to keep an even ratio. When mixing this, I keep in mind that less is more. Any leftover product can be kept in a sealed tub as it’s self preserving. If you don’t want to keep it for another use and decide to dispose of it, don’t pour it down the sink! The oil can gather in the pipes and can cause a blockage.

Coffee Scrub Step 1

Cofee Scrub Step 2

Coffee Scrub DIY

Benefits of using coffee in skincare

– Exfoliating your skin with coffee can leave you with smoother, softer skin. The smaller the coffee grounds, the easier it will be to exfoliate with.

– Using coffee products on your face, such as a face mask, can tighten your pores.

– It can reduce the appearance of cellulite as coffee can dehydrate fat cells in the body. With prolonged use, the appearance of cellulite can diminish greatly.

– The appearance of under eye circles can be diminished using coffee due to it being an anti-inflammatory.

– Coffee is an ingredient in many anti-ageing products as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness in the skin.

– Using coffee as an exfoliator can give the skin a brighter, glowy complexion.

Benefits of using coconut oil in skincare

– The saturated fats in coconut oil make it an ideal moisturising agent. This is because the fats prevent moisture loss through the pores of the skin.

– Coconut oil contains a variety of fatty acids which have disinfecting properties. This can protect the skin from microbial infections that can get into the body through open wounds or pores in the skin.

– 100 grams of coconut oil contains 0.1mg of Vitamin E, which has vital skin-nourishing properties.

– Like with coffee, coconut oil has skin softening and brightening qualities which can give a glowing complexion.

While it’s not the most appealing scrub to look at, it works wonders for your skin. On days where my skin is especially dry I like to mix this up quickly and use it in the shower. Not only does it buff away dead skin cells but the coconut oil works to give the skin a hydration boost. I’ll do this before using a body wash as the coconut oil can leave a greasy residue on the top layer of the skin.

I like to pat my skin dry with a towel and finish off with a good body butter. My favourite at the moment is the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter. I’m currently halfway through my second 300ml tub. To shop the full selection of Soap & Glory products on the Boots website, click here.

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