My Must-Have Summer Shampoo | ad

My Must-Have Summer Shampoo | ad

Haircare is incredibly important to me, and I spend a lot of time trying to improve the condition of my hair. Part of having healthy hair is knowing what products to use on it and when. In the colder months, my hair tends to be on the dry side and needs a lot of nourishing products to keep it lovely. Come Summer time, it can get really oily and limp. This means I need to change up the products I use every so often to suit my needs.

I’ve heard of shampoo bars before, but always assumed they wouldn’t do the job in comparison to a regular liquid shampoo. When AA Skincare offered to let me try out their latest shampoo bars, I said yes simply out of curiosity. I’ve tried several of their products in the past, and have yet to be disappointed by them.

Angled Shot of AA Skincare Shampoo Bar


Haven’t heard of AA Skincare before? Here’s some background info.

Amphora Aromatics originally began as an aromatherapy retailer, which they predominantly still are. More recently, they branched out into skincare. Their products include everything from face masks, shampoos, face creams and even deodorant. All of the ingredients in their lines are naturally sourced and they are a cruelty free company.

The amazing team at AA let me have my choice of shampoo bar and I chose one called Brilliantly Balancing. It’s specified for greasy and oily hair – which is exactly what I was looking for. It also says on the packaging that it’s ingredients help stimulate hair growth.

I’m desperately trying to regrow my hair, so I’ll take all the hair-growing magic I can get!

The bar lathers up instantly in warm water and has a much different texture than regular shampoo. It’s almost feels like you’ve lathered up a bar of hand soap. Because I made that comparison in my head instantly, I was worried it wouldn’t bubble up as much on my hair. I’m happy to report that it produces just as many, if not more bubbles than my regular shampoo would! After using this bar, my hair feels cleaner than it ever has done before. I also found it quite conditioning at the same time, which I never usually get with a shampoo.

Late last year I used a home peroxide kit on my hair, which totally destroyed the condition of it. Ever since, my hair hasn’t felt as soft as it used to – especially after a shampoo. Using this shampoo bar was the first time it felt soft again before applying conditioner to it.

AA Skincare brilliantly balancing shampoo bar

I received this product a couple of months back now, and I’ve been using it ever since. I’ve definitely noticed that my hair feels cleaner for longer. It also feels like there’s a lot less buildup in my hair, which just goes to show that all natural products are definitely the way forward! This small bar lasts twice as long as a regular shampoo, mine’s nowhere near finished and I’m already a month in. I can see this lasting me a long time, and for under £5 a pop it’s a total bargain.

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